Profile [Min Kyung Hoon]

If you have heard about Buzz, you most definitely know their ex-lead vocalist Min Kyung Hoon. Buzz officially stopped their activities in 2008, Kyung Hoon strated his solo career one year earlier, in 2007 when news about them disbanding first came out. I used to love Buzz, I still do, mostly because of Kyung Hoon’s powerful vocals. There are a lot of great ballad singers in Korea, and he is definitely one of them. I miss him so much, hope Hoon will release an album or a single soon.


Name: Min Kyung Hoon (민경훈)
Birthdate: October 6, 1984
Height: 178 cm
Blood type: Type A
Education: Post Modern Music, Kyunghee U.
Hobbies: Playing computer games like Starcraft
Debut: 2003 as vocalist for group Buzz (버즈). Buzz Vol.1  ‘Morning Of Buzz’
Solo Debut: 2007 Vol.1 Album ‘Impressive’
Daum Cafe:


Released: 2007.12.04

01 . Im.pres.sive
02 . 슬픈 바보
03 . 오늘만 울자
04 . 모래성
05 . 죽어도 나 죽어도
06 . 선인장
07 . 벙어리
08 . 나쁜 사랑
09 . 왜…
10 . Hool-hool

Released: 2008.12.12

1. 하루
2. 하루 (Inst.)

Music videos:

Seulpeun Babo/Sad Fool [Part 1]
Seulpeun Babo/Sad Fool [Part 2]
Keullaimakseu/Climax [Climax OST]



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