Profile [Jang Geun Suk]

I wasn’t sure whether I should write about him or not, he is a well recognized actor, but sadly people hardly ever talk about his songs. So in the I decided to make a profile.You most definitely know him for his role as Hwan Tae Kyung in drama You’re Beautiful. It is a good think that You’re Beautiful was a music drama, at least now I hope that people will not only watch his movies, but listen to his songs as well. I personally love his voice and his rapping is pretty good as well.


Name: Jang Geun Suk (장근석)
Born: August 4, 1987
Height: 182cm
Education: KwangJang Middle school, Bangsan High School, New Zealand Nelson College, Hanyang University Drama (Major in Movie)
Specialty: Skiing, Snowboarding
Debut: 2008 [1st single Black Engine]
Fan Cafe:


Black Engine
Released: 2008.1.28

1. Black Engine

Released: 2009.02.04

1. 터치홀릭 (옙틱 & 햅틱 러브)/Touch Holic (Yepptic & Haptic Love)

Just Drag
Released: 2009.09.10

1. Just Drag (저스트 드래그)
2. Just Drag (저스트 드래그) (MR)

Music Videos:

Black Engine
Touch Holic (Yepptic & Haptic Love)
Just Drag



3 Responses to “Profile [Jang Geun Suk]”

  1. Hi…
    I want to ask something.. LOL
    but I don’t know how to ask this eh~

    I’m not from Korea, and I’m daily reader on some of sites that run about kpop artists.. and that’s because of 2NE1, because of Sandara.. I already saw her in person though..

    Want to ask if Jang Geun Suk, is more known because of his drama which is You’re Beautiful? and I heard that soon they will aired You’re Beautiful here in the Philippines..

    THanks.. 😀

    • You can say that.
      Although his first lead role was in Alien Sam, he started gaining popularity after drama Hwang Jin Yi. His next drama Hong Gil Dong didn’t bring him much success and Beethoven Virus, well, people were more talking about Kim Myung Min than Geun Suk.
      But it was different in You’re Beautiful. The character he was portraying really stood out. Plus, he recorded couple of songs as well which were featured in OST, so I hope it will help with his music career as well.

      Can’t you watch it online rather than wait for it to air? 🙂

  2. i love him..

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