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[On Stage] Min Kyung Hoon’s Comeback!

Posted in Korean Artists, Min Kyung Hoon with tags , on February 8, 2010 by aegyoaigoo

He finally made his comeback on 07.02.2010 on SBS Inkigayo with his new song 아프니까 사랑이죠 /It Hurts Because It’s Love/Love Springs From Agony. To be honest I don’t know what to think of this song, it will most definitely grow on me later, but I must say that out of all songs from his new album, I like this the least lol. Other songs are absolutely amazing! Welcome back!

Check out his performance!

Other songs from his new mini album “Reunion”.


똑같은 이별은 없다


사랑해~ I Love You


Min Kyung Hoon’s new mini album!!!

Posted in Korean Artists, Min Kyung Hoon on January 26, 2010 by aegyoaigoo

Omg, I am so nervous and happy at the same time! I just made a profile on him some time ago and wined about how great it will be if Kyung Hoon will release another album and he will!!!
Can’t believe it! I was waiting for it for ages! So excited!

(I am pretty sure this isn’t an official cover, but that’s the only one I could find)

Release Date: 2010-02-09

1. 아프니까 사랑이죠 (타이틀)
2. 사랑해
3. 똑같은 이별은 없다
4. 삭제되었습니다.
5. 그저..눈물만

Profile [Min Kyung Hoon]

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If you have heard about Buzz, you most definitely know their ex-lead vocalist Min Kyung Hoon. Buzz officially stopped their activities in 2008, Kyung Hoon strated his solo career one year earlier, in 2007 when news about them disbanding first came out. I used to love Buzz, I still do, mostly because of Kyung Hoon’s powerful vocals. There are a lot of great ballad singers in Korea, and he is definitely one of them. I miss him so much, hope Hoon will release an album or a single soon.

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